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My research interests are in haptics, perception, and social robotics. In particular, I have been focusing on understanding differences in visual as compared to haptic and visual perception when interacting with haptic devices with the goal of applying this knowledge to build more sophisticated social robots.

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Learning Vibes

Chase, Israr, Preechayasomboon, Sykes, Gupta, & Hartcher-O'Brien

Communication Bandwidth of a Single Wrist-Worn Vibrotactile Actuator


A Causal Feeling

Chase, Wolff, Gerstenberg, & Follmer

How Kinesthetic Haptics Affects Causal Perception

(Best Work in Progress Paper)



Chase, Siu, Boadi-Agyemang, Kim, Gonzalez, & Follmer

A Haptic and Audio Guidance System To Support Tactile Graphics Exploration


Differences in Haptic and Visual Perception of Expressive 1 DoF Motion

Chase & Follmer

Understanding user perception of expressive robotic motion through different sensory modalities


High‐Throughput, Protein‐Targeted Biomolecular Detection Using Frequency‐Domain Faraday Rotation Spectroscopy

Murdock, Putnam, Das, Gupta, Chase & Seal

Two Displays

Data-Driven Comparison of Four Cutaneous Displays for Pinching Palpation in Robotic Surgery

Brown, Ibrahim, Chase, Pacchierotti, & Kuchenbecker


One sensor, three displays: A comparison of tactile rendering from a BioTac sensor

Brown, Ibrahim, Chase, Pacchierotti, & Kuchenbecker

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